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Do you have people tip you tokens to go off camera and do something in particular? Well now they can tip tokens to make the cam private so they can watch, but no one else can.

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Do you have people tip you tokens to go off camera and do something in particular? Well now they can tip tokens to make the cam private so they can watch, but no one else can.

Want to do certain actions, but don't want the whole-room to see?

Want to minimize content-piracy from automated recording bots (the ones that post your face and actions on numerous sites around the world - most of which are in foreign jurisdictions outside the reach of DMCA which is US-law)

Now you can with Hide that Pull Bot!!!

Utilizes CB's limit-cam feature to put you in control of temporarily hiding your cam for those short-duration tipped for actions that you want to restrict to the tipper's eyes-only (think of it like a micro ticket show lasting 20-90 seconds).


Launch Page Setup

Field 1 (Price 1): this us the price a tipper tips to get added to the hidden/private flash access list (typically this is the lowest nude flash cost from your tip menu or the roll/spin cost of a game bot with a nude or naughty prize);

Field 2 (Price 2): this is the price to allow one or more users to tip to "peek" on a private flash in-progress (typically this will be equal to Price 1, however it can also a bit be lower as an incentive to join, thereby potentially increasing your tokens per-flash earnings. The Default Setting = 0 (disabled).

Field 3 (Cam Is Hidden Screen Message): A generic, but editable, message has been provided to inform those seeing "Cam Is Hidden" of a private-flash being in-progress. If you are allowing "tip to peek" then you should edit the message to include that option and the price set in Field 2, above (oftentimes it takes several seconds for the aforementioned message to appear on-screen, so good practice to also paste that message into chat since you want Peekers to know they have the option to tip-to-see the flash as soon as possible. When ending the flash, I also suggest posting in chat "don't tip... unhiding cam now!" to prevent end of flash tipping. A little communication goes a long way).

The remaining few fields are self-explanatory, and the defaults can be changed, if desired.

Note: The message you see when activating the bot is displayed periodically in chat based on the minutes in the last field (default = every 10 minutes). It is a generic message about the bot (which gives you flexibility in how you use it), so you may wish to use your subject or/and another bot (notifier/rotating notifier) to explain your particular setup/use so viewers know what to expect, specifically.



!hide - Hides cam to do a private-cam

!unhide - Unhides cam after a private-cam is done

!list - Shows list of usernames on the private cam access-list

!check [username] - Checks whether a username is on the private cam access-list

!add [username] - Adds a username to the private-cam access-list

!remove [username] - Removes a username from the private-cam access-list

!clear - Clears the private cam access-list (Use Options: clear the list after each private-flash and make users pay-per-flash, or treat it like a "pass" to all private-cams for the current show.... your choice)

Note: If Mods or Fan Club members are permitted on the hidden-list for free, after the "!clear" command has been issued, they will need to type in chat or refresh to get re-added to the hidden-list for free.

Modified from PrivateFlashesBot by yep_nope_maybe

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